Thursday, November 11, 2010

Red Door Primitives

I had a day off from work today as there was no school so for me that meant I could attend my friend Paula’s (Red Door Primitives) open house! When I arrived she informed me that her daughter had her baby boy (they have a little girl) so she was very excited about that! Congratulations Grandma Paula and to Amy and her family!

Paula was so very kind to let me take some pictures. She had a lot of neat things to look at! You can click on the pictures to make them larger.

pcpics 1942

pcpics 1934

Hey how do you like the bright yellow bag?  That would happen to be my purse!  Oops!

pcpics 1935

pcpics 1936

Paula is very talented, she makes a lot of things herself!

Love those pictures on the wall!

pcpics 1937

There’s that purse again….

pcpics 1938

pcpics 1939

I snapped a picture of the Christmas tree as I was waiting in line to pay.

pcpics 1941

I will show you my purchases later. It was a very nice open house! Thank you Paula for allowing me to take some pictures to share with my blogging friends!

After I left Paula’s I met my friend Angi and we had lunch together. It turned out to be a beautiful day. Tonight we are going to watch our son in a school play then it’s back to work tomorrow. Thank goodness for those fun little days here and there!



  1. What a nice open house! That tree is gorgeous! I love her creations..does she sell to Shops? Everything looked so nice, including that yellow purse! :)
    I can't wait to see what you bought.

  2. Haha I seel ALOT of stuff I bought today LOL Great pics...Paula does a great job! Its always a fun day :) Nowww what didja buy? LOL

  3. Looks like a great open house! Cute stuff!