Sunday, November 28, 2010

Playing with lights, Charlie and Snoopy

Aren’t Christmas lights so pretty? I find myself just staring at them, especially when no other lights are on in the room, So naturally I grabbed my camera and started snapping.

pcpics 2100

I love the lights flickering off the old tin panels on my pie safe!

pcpics 2101

Here I added an extra warm glow.

pcpics 2103

The gingerbread men were also wanting the extra glow as it reminded them of the oven they came out of!

pcpics 2104 

Then we tried a little sepia tone.

pcpics 2105

pcpics 2106 

pcpics 2108

Then I forgot I had some orange slices to add to my gingerbread tree!

pcpics 2114

I found a couple of cute little Snoopy light ups to put in my windows. After I got them hung up I realized they are kind of small, at least when you are looking at them from the street. Hopefully people will be able to tell what they are. I got right up to them to take a picture.

pcpics 2120

pcpics 2121



  1. wow that is a beautiful tree!!! so prim

  2. your tree is indeed gorgeously prim!

  3. Your tree is beautiful Mindy. I'm hoping to achieve that look for my trees this Christmas. Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. Mindy,
    The tree is so pretty! So peaceful looking!
    I like the Snoopy, too cute!
    enjoy the day,