Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What to do next?

A long time ago I had made this little ten commandment church book but I never finished it. I still need to make the little dolls that go in it.

pcpics 1733

pcpics 1734

I found these little dolls at a craft show and thought maybe they would work in it but they are a little big, so maybe some day I will get around to making the dolls that go with this pattern.

pcpics 1730

I’m in the mood to make something, just don’t know what. I like this little pumpkin mat I made last year. Something like this would make quick and easy gifts.

pcpics 1729

I need to drag out my patterns and look through them. I also need to get some more wool!



  1. I use wool from shirts and skirts, etc that I find at yard sales or thrift shops. I cut them apart, wash and dye them. It is a little work to get them ready, but costs much less. Have fun with a new project.

  2. Your commandment book would be fabulous for small children that go to Sunday School. What a wonderful way to help them learn the commandments.
    Looking forward to seeing what you create next Mindy.

  3. I love your little book. The little dolls are cute all tucked into it even if you think they could drop a few pounds!