Saturday, October 23, 2010

We do exist!

Ok first let me start off by saying I do not like pictures of myself! That’s why you don’t very often find any of me on here but I decided I should have some pictures of me and Rusty or someday someone will look back and think we didn’t really even exist! ;-)pcpics 1803

So Doug did a little mini photo shoot for us to prove our existence!

pcpics 1804

pcpics 1806

pcpics 1807

Fall is a busy time at work for my husband but he actually got this afternoon off so we went to Roca to Sweet Annie’s and then on to Lincoln.

I am thrilled beyond words, Phil at Sweet Annie’s is going to build us a four poster bed similar to this one only ours will be black. I have wanted a bed like this forever! I’m feeling kind of guilty cause it’s a want and not a need but sometimes you just have to break down and go for one of those “wants” once in awhile. Life’s too short to not treat yourself once in awhile.

One of my dreams was for our family to go to Disney World before the kids were all grown and gone from home. Could we afford it at the time? No, not really. Was there something else more practical that the money could have been spent on? Yes probably, but we decided to go anyway and I’m glad we did because now we have those special memories and if we would have waited till we could afford it, Rusty and I would be having to spend the money on our nursing home expenses and the kids would be all grown and gone their separate ways!

pics 189677

After our stop at Roca, we went on to Lincoln to get some groceries. It was such a pretty day! Got to get out there and enjoy those lovely fall days!



  1. Mindy, what beautiful pictures of you and Rusty - so glad you posted them :) I love your bed its going to be beautiful! Can't wait to see it when it's finished - just think it will be a family heirloom some day!

  2. Glad to see your pictures! Can't wait to see your bed when you get it home. Have a great week, Dawn

  3. It's so good to see you and Rusty. It's good to do a photo shoot once in a while, even when you are camera shy. Excited that you get the bed that you have longed for. It will look fantastic. Will you put your "Maggie" quilt on it? Hope you will show pictures when it comes.

  4. The photos of you both are great Mindy!I love the first one.Don't feel guilty about buying a new bed."We" spend more than a third of our lives in bed so why not have something beautiful to sleep in.