Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ole Jack and a Drying Rack

I decided to open the doors on my cabinet for a change. Every once in awhile I want to move things around a bit for a different look. I get tired of the same ole thing day after day. You can click on pictures for a closer look.

pcpics 1626

pcpics 1627

Joan and I made a quick trip to Sweet Annie’s yesterday. It was such a beautiful day. We so wanted to go to Nelly’s Nest for her Harvest Gathering but we had to get back for other commitments. I purchased this cute little drying rack.  I believe Phil said it came from an old settlement somewhere in Missouri. It’s just the right size to sit in front of the fireplace and display some of my favorite quilts or linens etc. I finished my little wool rug pattern I got from Walker Homestead. Good Ole Jack, isn’t he cute?!

pcpics 1640 

pcpics 1632

I should have showed you my little drying rack before I put ole Jack on there but I forgot so I flipped him over to the back side so you could it.

pcpics 1634

Enjoy this beautiful weather we are having!



  1. Love the drying rack! and the wool rug!
    haha I went to Sweet annies yesterday too! Also hit Nellys nest and it was alot of great stuff there.... and with the great weather cant beat it! :)

  2. I love the idea you had of opening your cabinet up. I'm sitting here trying to think of a cabinet I could open...

  3. Love your cabinet and how you decorated looks like a picture from a magazine!
    And I love the rug..heck I just love everything..LOL..