Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Book Pumpkin

pcpics 1704

Now keep in mind this is my first attempt at making a pumpkin out of a book. I found the tutorial here at Craftberry Bush. It called for a paperback book, I used a big thick hardback book. I think a paperback book would work better. Also you are suppose to use a exacto knife, well mine was a dull one, in fact I drug out the scissors and used those for part of it. I like the look of using just the exacto knife but it was taking forever with a dull one and when I’m in the mood to make something, I want to do it right now, don’t want to wait till I get a sharp knife!

pcpics 1703

pcpics 1702

Not bad for my first go around.

pcpics 1700



  1. That doesn't look bad at all Mindy!! Good job!


  2. Hey turned out great ! thanks for linking back I appreciate it....! hope you come back soon ! I know I'll come back to your little corner of the world ! :o)

  3. Your pumpkin turned out good. I used a 3" drill bit on a book project today and I was just wondering if you could use a jigsaw to cut the books into pumpkins? Crazy?

  4. That is fantastic Mindy. I just love the ideas fellow bloggers come up with sometimes. They can be so creative.
    Thanks for sharing,

  5. Cute idea Mindy! A few months ago I made a book vase for my daughter to display in her library - it was a fun project!

  6. So cute! A great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Oh I love this, how cute. Neat idea:-) I think it turned out really well!