Thursday, September 16, 2010

What? No Orange?

I can’t believe it! I got all ready to pick out some colors for my next penny rug that I wanted to start working on and I don’t have any rust or oranges for a pumpkin. What is up with that? I am totally bummed out! Especially since I am not near any place that sells wool. I love the fall colors so why I don’t have any is beyond me! I guess I will have to put it aside until I can get my hands on some :-(

I got my November issue of Country Sampler today. One of my favorite magazines. I enjoyed flipping through the pages! Especially liked the photos of A Very Prairie Christmas.


Guess I will go sulk now about not having wool for a pumpkin.


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  1. Just wanted to say thanks for "following" my blog - and now it's my turn to follow you! Can't wait to get my Country Sampler too. Love all your wool works, they are beautiful. Have a great Sunday, Dawn