Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Doug!

pcpics 1515

Yesterday was Doug’s 18th Birthday. He’s the baby of the family. I can not believe he is now 18. My three sons are all grown up now.

pcpics 1516

He wanted a confetti angel food cake with strawberry frosting.

pcpics 1517

pcpics 1518

Doug and his girlfriend Megan.

oldpictures 040

Here’s Doug when he was 9. He was taking some treats to school for his Birthday.

Happy Birthday Doug, we love you!!



  1. Happy Birthday to Doug...Wow how fast they grow..& what a very handsome son you have...Wishing Doug the best always...Hugs Maria

  2. Happy Birthday to your "grown-up" son! Yup, time goes by very fast. My oldest son is now 41!!! Enjoy every minute, Dawn