Monday, September 27, 2010

Flea Market Finds

Here is my mom holding the ice cream bucket I bought at the flea market.

pcpics 1581

I also got this little book of Mother Goose Rhymes. It reminded me of the book I had when I was little so I went and dug it out.

pcpics 1593

 Here’s my book. It’s kind of falling apart but I just loved reading the nursery rhymes.

pcpics 1595

Of course I had to go and write on the book pages. Why do we do that as kids?

pcpics 1596

pcpics 1597

When ever we go some where mom and I are always laughing because I’m always saying, “Mom, will you hold this a minute” or “can you take this” and here I’m the young daughter and mom’s always ending up carrying or doing things that I should be doing. I’m always teasing her about it. When we were walking around the flea market we took turns carrying my bucket with our kettle corn in it. It just so happened that it was mom’s turn to carry my bucket uphill in the rain! Crazy huh? You would have thought it would have been my turn ;-)  Funny how those things work out! So here’s mom trudging up the hill!

pcpics 1587

Where am I? Oh I’m already at the car waiting for her. Hey, to be honest, I did ask her if she wanted me to take the bucket!



  1. Loved your finds and this post!!
    You two sound just like me and my Mom.
    Even at 40, I'm still her baby!! :)
    Thanks for the smile!!


  2. You forgot to mention how HEAVY that bucket was! :)

  3. That is so funny because my mom and I are exactly the same way! I think from your other comment this is just how it is -- thank goodness! Cuz I don't want to do all the toting!