Monday, September 13, 2010

Don’t Eat Twigs

pcpics 1501

I made some bars for our church stand for Popcorn Day and I had them all wrapped and ready to go and put them on the table. I didn’t want the boys to get into them so I put a don’t eat sign on them. When I got ready to take the bars down to the stand, I just took the note off and threw it on the table. My mom came over later and I heard her laughing. She saw the don’t eat sign laying on the twigs and I guess she thought my family must eat just about anything!!



  1. Too funny Mindy....!

  2. Very Funny! I made faux caramel apples Sunday night and they looked so real. I knew my son would be home after I had gone to bed so I laid the glue and paint out beside them so he would know I had been crafting. The next morning he told me it was a good thing I did. He so wanted to bite into one!