Monday, September 20, 2010

Craft Show

pcpics 1504

Went to a craft show this weekend in Nebraska City. It was their big Applejack celebration.

pcpics 1505

pcpics 1506

pcpics 1507

The booth below is my friend Paula’s.

pcpics 1512

pcpics 1513

I got this big acorn that she made!

pcpics 1519

These purple mums are soooo pretty!

pcpics 1514

This is another one of my purchases. The top half is old tin tile and you can put magnets on it. The bottom has wire where you can attach pictures or notes by little clothes pins.

pcpics 1524

pcpics 1525

pcpics 1526

I enjoyed the craft show as always but it was pretty darn windy and cold that day.



  1. Looks like lots of fun! We are doing a show this weekend - hope the weather cooperates! Great finds, Dawn

  2. Very pretty crafts. I love decorating for fall even though I haven't got around to it yet. Those purple mums are beautiful.
    Enjoy your week.