Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dragging out Halloween

Drug out a few Halloween decorations since tomorrow will be October 1st. You can click on pictures to make them bigger.

pcpics 1607 

pcpics 1609

pcpics 1615

You might remember these from last year. I just love them, seed pods and little gourds. The ghosts are those things that fall out of the trees. Don’t you appreciate my knowledge? I have no idea what kind of tree or what they are called. Maybe someone can enlighten me!

pcpics 1617 

pcpics 1621

pcpics 1622

pcpics 1623

pcpics 1624

I have a few more things to put out yet but I need to do a little putting away of some other things before I get more out. Rotate, you know you have to rotate! Just wish there were little holiday elves that would do all that for me!


Monday, September 27, 2010

Flea Market Finds

Here is my mom holding the ice cream bucket I bought at the flea market.

pcpics 1581

I also got this little book of Mother Goose Rhymes. It reminded me of the book I had when I was little so I went and dug it out.

pcpics 1593

 Here’s my book. It’s kind of falling apart but I just loved reading the nursery rhymes.

pcpics 1595

Of course I had to go and write on the book pages. Why do we do that as kids?

pcpics 1596

pcpics 1597

When ever we go some where mom and I are always laughing because I’m always saying, “Mom, will you hold this a minute” or “can you take this” and here I’m the young daughter and mom’s always ending up carrying or doing things that I should be doing. I’m always teasing her about it. When we were walking around the flea market we took turns carrying my bucket with our kettle corn in it. It just so happened that it was mom’s turn to carry my bucket uphill in the rain! Crazy huh? You would have thought it would have been my turn ;-)  Funny how those things work out! So here’s mom trudging up the hill!

pcpics 1587

Where am I? Oh I’m already at the car waiting for her. Hey, to be honest, I did ask her if she wanted me to take the bucket!


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Brownville Flea Market

Mom and I made a trip to Brownville to the flea market. We took most of it in before it started raining. You can click on the pictures to make bigger.  I took a picture of this house I thought it was neat looking! It certainly has potential!

pcpics 1568

pcpics 1569

pcpics 1570

pcpics 1571

Another neat home.

pcpics 1573

pcpics 1574

pcpics 1575

pcpics 1576

pcpics 1577

pcpics 1578

pcpics 1579

pcpics 1582

We stopped and got some kettle corn before we headed home. Yummy!

pcpics 1583 

pcpics 1585 

pcpics 1588

pcpics 1589

We enjoyed ourselves in spite of the rain. I will show you my purchases tomorrow.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Homecoming 2010

The King candidates. You can click on pictures to make them larger.

pcpics 1532




I love this picture of Doug and Joel. Looks like they are in the middle of a deep discussion!


Doug giving a speech.

pcpics 1542pcpics 1543 

pcpics 1549

CONGRATULATIONS Blue Devils on a super win and CONGRATULATIONS Homecoming King Doug Raymond and Queen Amy Brennan!

pcpics 1556 

Still flying high,



Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mmmm smell that candle!

pcpics 1528

One of the things I like about fall is burning candles. I have a candle that I just love to burn, it smells soooooo good! It is a Crossroads candle and the scent is Buttered Maple Syrup.

pcpics 1530

I also have this cute little tart warmer that I was going to show you but for the life of me, I can’t remember where I put it. You would naturally think it would be with all my other candles but NO, that’s too logical! I’m not giving up the search so hopefully it will turn up sooner than later and when it does, you will be the first to know!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010


pics 190199

I found this piece above that I made a year or two ago but never have done any more with it. I guess mainly because I can’t decide if I should make it into a pillow which I don’t really want to do or put it on wool so I will probably just put it back till I figure out what to do which may be another 2 years!

I found this Maggie piece below on some site somewhere. I don’t know if it is a club kit or just an older pattern she did. I really like it though. It looks like it would be fun to make!


Right now I am working on my Pumpkin man. Joan came to my rescue with some orange wool so I was able to start it. Thanks Joan!

Well, back to my stitching,


Monday, September 20, 2010

Craft Show

pcpics 1504

Went to a craft show this weekend in Nebraska City. It was their big Applejack celebration.

pcpics 1505

pcpics 1506

pcpics 1507

The booth below is my friend Paula’s.

pcpics 1512

pcpics 1513

I got this big acorn that she made!

pcpics 1519

These purple mums are soooo pretty!

pcpics 1514

This is another one of my purchases. The top half is old tin tile and you can put magnets on it. The bottom has wire where you can attach pictures or notes by little clothes pins.

pcpics 1524

pcpics 1525

pcpics 1526

I enjoyed the craft show as always but it was pretty darn windy and cold that day.