Sunday, August 22, 2010

Holy heart failure, Batman!

I went to bed just like any other night, did a little reading and then fell asleep. Next thing I know Doug is waking me up saying,“Mom, there is a bird or a bat in the house!” and of course I said, “What? For real?” He said “yes” so I told him to go wake up Dad (who fell asleep on the couch) so he goes and tells Rusty and Rusty says, “Can’t it wait until morning?” We are like, “NO!" So Doug and I shut ourselves up in the bedroom and leave Rusty out there to catch the bat. Pretty soon Rusty comes back in and said the bat flew into the pantry so he shut the door. We are all talking about what to do next and all of a sudden I see something fly through the kitchen. I start screaming and yelled, “shut the door!” Doug and I sent Rusty out again while we waited in the safety of our room!! Next we here some racket and a squeak, squeak, squeak! Rusty hit him with a tennis racket but it didn’t kill it so he managed to get a plastic cup over it and scooped it up with a plate and he took it outside and put it on the picnic table and finished him off! He thinks it was just one bat and that it escaped out from under the pantry door. I’m hopin it was just one bat cause there better not be another or I’m going to totally freak out! I have never had a bat in my house before and I better not have another one either! It was so funny hearing Doug tell how he discovered it in the first place. He said he got up and went into the kitchen and noticed the curtains moving and he thought, “why are they moving, there’s no vent over there and then all of a sudden something comes flying at him. Good thing it didn’t come flying at me cause I wouldn’t be here today to write about it!! Today I keep looking up when I go from room to room.

Here’s hoping for a bat free week!




  1. OMG, Mindy I would have freaked out for sure,, I've always been sceered of bats...don't they land on your head and tangle up your hair?? I don't want to find out. Glad you are all ok, and I'm praying for no more bats!!


  2. I'm sorry -- I know it's not funny but really -- it is a way....don't think? Well it will be in a couple of years anyway!!!