Friday, July 30, 2010

Watercolor and Good Times

Does this look familiar? Click on photos to make bigger.

pcpics 1189

Remember this photo of my laundry room?

pcpics 854[15]

My mom and I went up to my aunt’s yesterday and spent the day. We had a lot of fun but the day went too fast! Anyway my aunt had done this watercolor drawing from my picture of the laundry room. Isn’t it awesome?! I wish I was able to draw that good! I went and got a frame for it and hung it in my laundry room.

pcpics 1196

pcpics 1197

While there I managed to take some pictures of her always inviting deck!

pcpics 1182

pcpics 1183

pcpics 1184

This is the view from her back yard.

pcpics 1185

It is always so pretty there. We went out for lunch and then stopped at a few shops, did some more visiting and then had to head back home. It was a great day!


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