Friday, July 23, 2010

A little pig fun!

Ok so I decided to have a little fun here and let the pigs do the posting today! They’re at the Fremont County Fair and feeling a little ornery………..

Hey guys, what da ya say we get together tonight and have us a pig party!

pcpics 1140


Where did ya say ya got them boots from? I really like em!

pcpics 1141


There better be somethin good behind door number one!

pcpics 1142


Hey crowd, check out my nice and tone rear end!

pcpics 1143


This guy don’t know nothin bout fashion, his boots aren’t nothin like yours Doug!

pcpics 1144


How much longer we gotta be out here Doug, I can only look so good for so long!

pcpics 1145


Doug’s smilin cause I decided to show my cute hiney to the judge! We gonna win now Doug!!!

pcpics 1146

I guess I was feeling a little ornery too! lol


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