Thursday, July 1, 2010

Blue Willow and a Surprise!

I guess with age comes some wisdom or at least a better understanding and appreciation of many different things in our life. I was never really into dishes much and it’s not that I am just consumed with them now but I do have a better understanding and appreciation for them. My father in law Emil did most of the cooking in his family and he had this set of Blue Willow.  When he passed away no one seemed interested in them including myself. They have been in storage and in the back of mind for a long time. My grandparents also had Blue Willow dishes and I can remember eating off them many times so I got to thinking my family must really have liked the Blue Willow pattern and so I decided I would go ahead and take Emil’s set of dishes as I know he really liked them and I can remember him showing me new pieces when they would get them. I just hated the thought of them being in storage and not being used, so now once again we have Blue Willow in our family and I hope Emil and my grandparents are happy knowing that the pattern is once again being admired and appreciated by family.

pcpics 972

pcpics 974

pcpics 975

pcpics 976

pcpics 977

pcpics 978

When I was getting ready to put my dishes in my cupboard the doorbell rang and my friend Paula stopped by unexpectedly. Hadn’t seen her in awhile so it was a nice surprise. We had a nice visit!



  1. ~ I love those dishes! Emil is smiling :-)How nice to get an unexpected friend stop by...did you serve her cookies on your new (old) plates?

  2. What a nice collection you have and displayed so nicely. I'm sure your loved ones are smiling and very happy they are being displayed with such fond memories and pride.
    Have a wonderful evening~

  3. Beautiful collection..I know your grandparents & Emil must be smiling to see their beautiful dishes being used...They look awsome in your cupboard..& its always nice to have surprise visits from friends..Hope you had a wonderful time..HUgs Maria

  4. they look lovely! :) What a nice collection!

  5. Emil always loved pretty dishes. Pat was telling me one time about how when he was growoing up that they were so poor that they didn't have anything that matched and she believed that's why he liked dishes so much.

    I'm sure he would be pleased as punch that you're enjoying them.


  6. I just added some photos of blue willow on the facebook page for the shop. I LOVE it all! The tea set is precious!