Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rain and Antiques

pcpics 875

Homer drove Joan and I to Kansas City to a antique show. It was outside in tents but it rained cats and dogs and we got literally soaked! We enjoyed looking even though we were drenched. Homer sat inside. He didn’t care to look at antiques in the rain. I’m guessing the real reason he wanted to wait inside was because Clifford the Big Red Dog was there! lol

pcpics 874

On the way home we stopped at some antique malls. This was one of them.

pcpics 879

Then we stopped at this quilt shoppe. It was a really nice one. They had wools and patterns so of course I was thrilled about that! We looked for some flannel to back our quilts we are making but we didn’t see one that we thought we wanted.

pcpics 876

This was outside the door. I thought the rag quilt and flowers were pretty…….

pcpics 877 

As was this!

pcpics 878

 Here are the patterns I purchased.

pcpics 880

This was my big antique purchases. Another spool with thread on it (love it! Just one of those things) and then I got some little molds. I have been wanting to try my hand at making some soap. It’s just something on my someday want to try list!

pcpics 886


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