Thursday, June 24, 2010

Online Organizer

If you’re like me you have to log in to be able to access a lot of websites. You have to have a user name, password sometimes ID numbers, answers to questions etc. Well it got to the point my little ole brain just couldn’t remember every single one of those passwords and I didn’t want to use the same one for all of them so I just had to start me a little book and write them all down. Sure makes it a lot easier now instead of having to click on “forgot my password."

pcpics 940

pcpics 942


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  1. This is a great little organizer. I pay most of our bills on line and one day I got to thinking if anything should ever happen to me, my hubby would be so lost and confused over paying our bills. A lot of them do not send out paper billing anymore either. I made up a little booklet just for him so if he ever needs to step up to the bill paying job, he won't be left in the dark.