Wednesday, June 2, 2010



All day today I have been singing the Ladybug picnic song so I thought it only fitting to talk about ladybugs.

Here are some fun and yummy ways to make a ladybug!






The following is from

Little interesting tidbits….

A Ladybug landing on a person will bring Good Fortune, and if one lands on you when you are ill, it takes the illness away.
If a ladybug lands on the hand of a recently married woman the number of dots on its back is the number of children she will have.
Let the Ladybug go and watch what direction it flys away to find your answer.
Finding a ladybug is good luck (the redder the better)
A ladybug on your clothing means you will soon get a new piece of clothing.
The number of spots on a ladybug indicated the number of happy months lay ahead.
Folklore suggests if you catch a Ladybug in your home, count the number of spots and that's how many dollars you'll soon find.
If a ladybug lands on your hand and then flies away, it said to be good weather on the following Sunday.


Ladybug blessings,


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