Saturday, June 19, 2010

Flea Market

Yesterday Joan and I traveled to Walnut to their flea market. I just loved this person’s booth. I thought they had a lot of neat things and I just loved how they had it all set up. You can click on the pictures to make bigger.

pcpics 902

It had rained (poured) on the way up there but when we got there it had quit but it was breezy and cool. Then as the day went on it got really hot!

pcpics 903

pcpics 904

Here are some cute things for a garden made out of plates.

pcpics 907

pcpics 908

pcpics 909

I thought this was a interesting find. I came across this sign that I myself made. I made it when I worked for a gal and she had a little shop, which she no longer has. She had an auction a while back of some things and I saw it there. Well obviously someone bought it and they had it for sale in their booth. I believe they had $28 on it. I just thought it was something that I came across it amongst all that was there that day.

pcpics 910

We didn’t buy much. There prices I thought were a little high. I spent a total of $22. I left my things in Joan’s car so when I get them I will post pictures.

I noticed today I am a little bit sun burned so I’m sure I got some vitamin D.



  1. Looks like a fun market. I love the way the first vendor put junk together to make planters, etc. Hope you Vitamin D acquisition isn't painful. lol

  2. Looks like a great place to go!!!!! With so much eyecandy...Wishing you a wonderful day!!!!