Sunday, May 23, 2010

Yesterdays’ Treasures

pcpics 721

First up, I got a friend for my first kitty I purchased there. The one with the bell is the new one. I guess I need to name them. Any suggestions?’

Then I purchased this wool runner. I just loved the colors in it. Yes, I could make it but I would never have the same colors and it just kept speaking to me.

pcpics 724

Here is another item that immediately knew my name, an old spool with thread still on it.

pcpics 726

Next up, I bought some linen. Linen is hard to find at least around here. I got it to keep on hand so when a project calls for it I will be ready.

I couldn’t resist these snap peas. Don’t they look real?

pcpics 728

Then I got these mossy balls. I need to do some decorating tweaking with some of my new props so I will take pictures when that comes to pass.

pcpics 729



  1. Love everything!!!!!! The snap peas look so real lol...Looking forward to the pictures..Hugs Maria

  2. Love them all Mindy, those peas do really look real. Have a great week!!