Sunday, May 2, 2010

Quilts and Table Settings

Might take a while to load as there are lots of photos!

We had quite a few quilts for our little church. I like quilt shows in that you get to see many different ones but on the other hand I don’t like them cause if you see one you really like, you can’t buy it. :-(

Click on the pictures to make bigger.

pcpics 586

pcpics 587

Ok, now on to the dishes…….

pcpics 588

pcpics 589

Aren’t these dolls adorable?

pcpics 593

pcpics 613

It was fun seeing all the pretty dishes and table settings. I will have to hang on to these pictures so in the future I will know how to properly set a table!!

pcpics 594

I thought this was a cute idea using paper plates!

pcpics 595

pcpics 596

pcpics 597

pcpics 598

I should have got a close up of the pretty blue basket dish. It was full of flower petals. Very pretty!

pcpics 602

pcpics 603

I thought these lavender dishes were very pretty!

pcpics 605

And I love the flowers in the little tins on the plates!

pcpics 607

The Lilacs were beautiful and smelled so nice and check out the little cupcakes…….sweet!

pcpics 609

pcpics 612

pcpics 627

pcpics 630

Now I didn’t have this table setting at church but I did it for another event one fall. Thought I would include it since we’re on the subject!


Hope you enjoyed the pictures! Have a blessed week!



  1. What a spectacular sight all those quilts make! I love the crow table settings too!
    Thanks for sharing your photos Mindy! :)

  2. I am impressed with the talent within your church ! Beautiful quilts and settings.

  3. wouldn't you know I love the prim crow table setting you put together the best? The quilts are gorgeous! :)

  4. Lots of inspiration, seeing all the quilts. I love looking at all the different table settings. The dolls are adorable, taking tea together. I think I like the crow table setting best also. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Mindy, Ciara gave me your blog address to look at the graduation pictures. From there I had to look at all your previous pictures. I love the way the quilts look having on the church pews and I'm with you the flowers in the little tins are really cute. I'm off to the next set of pictures. I'm always looking for ideas! Sarah Osburn

  6. I'm glad you enjoyed looking at the pictures Sarah! Check in anytime!