Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pink Flamingos

pcpics 642

Today I came home from work and found these pink flamingos hanging out in my yard. I have seen them making their rounds. Somebody must be doing a fund raiser.  I will have to find out about these little darlings and send them on their way!

pcpics 643

I planted some flowers yesterday…

 pcpics 644

pcpics 645

I think I need to do some touching up on my crow…

pcpics 646

pcpics 647

If you click on this last picture and make it larger you can see Reese peeking out the window. He had to see what I was doing outside!

pcpics 648

It has been so windy out today! I don’t like it when it’s that windy!

Better keep an eye on your yard, you might find some pink flamingos!


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  1. Your yard looks so pretty! It's still pretty cold here so haven't spent much time outside yet.