Monday, May 24, 2010

Kindred Spirits

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I got my copy of “A Simple Life” magazine and it is wonderful! As I was looking through it I found a paragraph and quote on the last page that I really love! You know how I am always telling you that I feel drawn to certain items or how I just seem connected to them in some way? Well maybe you will get a little better understanding of what I mean after you read the following:

The following paragraph is taken from “A Simple Life” magazine, Summer 2010 issue.

There are those of us who are drawn to a different way of life that somehow feels familiar, a simpler time when what they had was made out of necessity. Logs were hewn, a table was built and a bowl was carved, using only what was at hand. They have endured a useful past and are worn and mellowed from everyday living. Occasionally, in quiet moments, we reflect on these simple pieces, longing to hear the story each one could tell. We gather them around us in softly lit rooms and here are souls are renewed. You are the ones who will understand these words by Mark Twain, “You want it not for yourself, but because it will content your spirit.”


and to that, kindred spirits, I say  AMEN!




  1. Amen..say ye all prim sisters, kindred spirits we shall be....