Saturday, May 1, 2010

Church Open House

It was a beautiful day for the open house. It’s so nice to see everything green up for Spring. It’s kind of nice to live somewhere where you can experience the changing of the seasons. I think it would get boring to have the same weather all year round. Evidently there is a place where the weather never changes as I found out when I pulled up to the church. Kind of humorous don’t you think? Click on pictures to make larger.

pcpics 633 Before we go in lets take a look around outside.

 pcpics 631

pcpics 634

pcpics 635

pcpics 636

pcpics 637

Ok lets go in shall we……….

pcpics 632

I decorated these windows but it was very hard to get a picture of them with the light coming in, so as you can see I took several trying to capture something.

pcpics 561I used white tulips in the glass jars, some greenery and some bird nests.  Those are birds made out of sheet music hanging in the windows.

pcpics 562

pcpics 564

pcpics 565 

pcpics 567

pcpics 570 

pcpics 572

My friend Scott decorated these windows.

pcpics 575

pcpics 576

pcpics 577

pcpics 581

All these pictures made for a long post. I will have to show the quilts and table settings tomorrow! Stay tuned…….



  1. love the pictures - you did a wonderful job decorating Mindy! love the bird nests!

  2. Everything looks beautiful.You did a wonderful job decorating.Hugs

  3. What a beautiful welcoming church! I would live to come for a visit :) You did a lovely job decorating.
    Blessings, Patti

  4. I could hardly wait to see what you were going to post about the Open House but it was well worth the wait! Can't wait until tomorrow to see what is coming next. You are just too talented:)