Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Buttons Buttons!

Buttons. I love buttons. There are so many different colors and shapes. Old ones and new ones. I like to just look through them as if they are jewels in my treasure chest. I like to think about who had them before me and where did they all come from. I have some from my grandma and some I have from garage sales and such. I see a picture of buttons and it gets me thinking about mine and what I can do with them.

Ok, so I had this idea. I wanted to take all my white buttons and put them in a jar. Don’t ask me why, I just thought it would be pretty. First of all, I couldn’t find my buttons. I had moved them awhile back and of course couldn’t remember where to so I had to hunt them down.

pcpics 695

Once I found them I started sorting through them looking for all the white buttons. I was having a good time for awhile ( I know, you are thinking she needs a life if she enjoys just sitting and going through a bunch of buttons) and then my hands started to go numb and I couldn’t hold onto the buttons and I would try and put them in the jar and they would miss and bounce everywhere and I began to feel like I was never going to make it through to the end but I finally did. At least through this bunch of buttons. I do have more but they will have to wait until another day.

pcpics 699

Anywho, I achieved my goal and got the white ones in jars. Go ahead now say, “My, aren’t they lovely?!”

Why yes, thank you! I believe they are!

pcpics 701

Now someday, but not anytime soon, I might fill another jar with another color. Won’t that be awesome!! ;-)



  1. They do look purty..are you okay, why did your hands go numb? Take care of yourself...wonder what they would look like in an old green ball jar?

  2. your white buttons are lovely!! :) I have some old buttons, maybe I'll start sorting mine LOL

  3. My hands go numb because I use them so much what with sewing, and at work, they just go numb on me in no time at all.

  4. Another button lover.... I love buttons, too and have been an " off 'n on" collector for many years.
    Have tons of buttons. I also collect the old round glass jars with lids on bottom.. hard to find but I have 8 filled with different buttons.. Some are old wooden, some old shell buttons and some tiny odds and ends... anyway just wanted to let you know another button lover out here..