Sunday, April 18, 2010

Quilt class & 10 Mile walk

Thursday night at quilt class we went over a lot of information. We got block number 8 cut out and pieces pinned on. She then showed us how we needed to block each square we did, and how to pin it together and how to stitch it together. Then if we needed to add any pieces, she told how to do that.

pcpics 507      I have the basket of flowers done and I’m working on the cornicopia right now and then I have to do the middle block after I put the bottom row on because I have to center my initials and the heart and then put the vines going up. We have to do all this on our own and then when we go back we will work on the top and bottom piece.  Now on the bottom piece, Maggie put the name of her county on there but you can put whatever you want. I don’t want to put my county on there but I haven’t decided on what I will put yet. Any suggestions? I had thought about a saying, but that would be too many letters so now I am just thinking I will put the name of the quilt on there which is Settler’s 061_thumb[5]

I am anxious to get it done. We have to get our own backing so I will have that to do also. I have a lot to do so before next class time so I better not put it off!!

Today was so nice, just perfect, a good thing too because our church went for a 10 mile walk to raise money for missions. NO, I didn’t walk the whole 10 miles. I walked 3 1/2. I haven’t talked with anyone yet to see how many made it the whole 10 miles. I was walking along side Jerry, he has quite the sense of humor. He told me not to pay any attention to the big black birds circling up above us! Then he proceeded to tell our minister that we should have ended our walk at the cemetery that way we could have had a picnic and then gone ahead and buried those of us that didn’t make it!! At least he had me laughing most the way!




  1. Sounds like a lovely day..its been a peaceful day around here...have a nice evening.

  2. Can't wait to see your quilt all complete! Wish I lived close and could go learn along with you! :) Whatever you decide to put on the bottom of your quilt will be perfect! :)

  3. Joan said...I lasted for 7 1/2 miles and thought that was as far as my poor old knee was going to last. Loving the quilt but I am still going to try for the saying in smaller fonts. Remember you can always come help me get caught up :)

  4. Hello Mindy...I just love this quilt...I recently started my very first quilt in a quilting class as well..I just love it...mine is much simpler though...just a basic log cabin quilt.

    Love your blog...I shall be back to visit often :)Take care, Doreen