Sunday, April 25, 2010

Prom 2010

Well I was able to get some before pictures and it’s a good thing because I missed them arriving at the PROM. It was suppose to start at 5:45 and it started at 5:30. I was so upset! I’m hoping someone got a picture I can have.

pcpics 522

I took pictures of Doug and Megan at her Uncle Marty’s. He has a beautiful house and yard!

pcpics 524

pcpics 525 

pcpics 527 

pcpics 529

pcpics 530

Since I missed them arriving. I at least got a picture after they entered the school.

pcpics 535 

Now, don’t ask me about the theme. I guess they wanted it to be a little scary! The prom servers were made up like zombies.

pcpics 532

pcpics 533

Doug came home with this T shirt.

pcpics 539



  1. We don't have proms here so all I've ever seen of them are in films.They looks to be very special occasions.Does a prom signal the end of school forever?
    Great pictures.Thank for sharing!

  2. great pictures - they make such a cute couple! :)