Thursday, April 1, 2010


pcpics 382

I just love the porch above. You can click on it to make it bigger. It is out of the Flea Market Style Magazine. It is the home of Joe and Jermonne. They have the website, which I love to look at. There are some more neat pictures of their home, you will have to run out and purchase the magazine!

Here is one view on my front porch. I have the futon out there. It belongs to one of my sons and they are not using it right now so it’s on my porch. I would love to have some burlap pillows like above. The wreath on the door is a little high, I need to lower it.

pcpics 384

Here is another view. Excuse my magazines piled up there on the floor. I have been looking through them, Old Country Living. I never tire of looking through those old magazines. They sure beat the new ones all to heck!

pcpics 386

pcpics 387


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  1. I love your porch...very very nice...I could do a lot of porch sitting there.
    Oh and I have lots of old issue of Country Living and I still look through them..I don't care how old they are I love reading them and drooling over all the pictures. I am not happy with the direction Country Living has gone.. I miss the old days when the magazine was good and I miss the magazine, Country Home...remember that one? they ended that magazine last year and replaced my subsription with Better Homes and Garden.YUK!