Monday, April 12, 2010

Just some pictures

pcpics 445

Today I came home from work and went outside for awhile and cleaned a few of my flower beds, then I got hot and tired so I came inside and decided to play with my camera. I have been seeing white tulips in a lot of pictures and I thought they were pretty.

pcpics 446

Took my Maggie runner off my fireplace in the living room and hung it on my cabinet for a change.

pcpics 448 

pcpics 453

pcpics 454

Just love my little brooms no matter where I put them.

pcpics 462 

And of course I love bird nests! The white door knob with the candle in it is from my great grandmothers old farmhouse.

pcpics 464

pcpics 466 Remember when I painted this cheese dome…..

pcpics 416

Here’s another one I painted a cream color……just for fun….

pcpics 467




  1. beautiful pictures :) I love your dining table!

  2. Still loven those cheese domes...I was a GW yesterday and didn't see a one before I'd see them all the time, now when I want one there isn't any:)
    Love the cupboard too, very prim and the tulips are beautiful!


  3. I really like the doorknob candle holder - great pictures from inside your own home!