Friday, April 30, 2010

Flower shopping

pcpics 558

 After work today my co workers and I went to a greenhouse and bought some plants. We all had on our matching shirts from work and I told the girls we were on a field trip and we wore matching shirts in case we got separated from the group, mind you there are only 5 of us! Anywho, it was a nice day and we enjoyed checking out the plants. My house is yellow, which wouldn’t have been my pick but that’s the color it is so I always try and plant mostly purple and yellow flowers. Don’t ask why, I just like to do that. After looking at the first picture I realized Reese made it in the photo so of course I had to zoom in on him cause he’s so darn cute I knew you would want a better glimpse of him!!

Copy of pcpics 558

When I went to pay for my flowers they had this cute little planter with some (yes my color theme!) violets in it so I snatched it up.

pcpics 560

I was going to get my petunias planted yet tonight but I have to work on my decorations for church tomorrow. We are having a Spring Open House with table settings, quilts, window displays and I am doing a window display so I need to gather all my things for that. You will have to check back tomorrow evening for some pictures of our Open House!



  1. I'm glad you had fun shopping for flowers. I'm hopping to do that this week. I have a yellow house also, by choice. I've read several places that any color of flower shows better with a yellow house in the background than other colors. Looking forward to seeing you pictures of your display.

  2. Buying flowers according to our interest is such a relaxing feeling. This little planter is so beautiful and velvet color is also so much soothing.
    Great choice...