Monday, April 5, 2010

Before & After pictures

Hope everyone had a nice Easter! It was a nice day. Got a picture of my niece and the boys, Doug, Ciara, Jake and Derek. I should have made them hunt for Easter eggs! I remember one year when they were little, I (being the Easter bunny) forgot to put out their baskets and when they woke up Jake said, “That dumb bunny didn’t leave us anything!” Of course Rusty told them that times were hard and the Easter bunny decided to start takin instead of giving! lol   But I made Rusty keep them occupied and I quickly put their baskets out on the porch and we just pretended they were there all along, I never forgot after that! Here is their “after”  or should I say “now” picture.

pcpics 392

And here is there “before”  or “then” picture.

Derek 7, Jake 2 1/2 and Doug 9 1/2 months. These two pictures were taken in 1993.


Ciara 11 1/2 months, Jake’s in this picture also.



Here is a couple of before and after pictures. I don’t know if you remember this from last year but the thread was too light. It’s been bugging me so I made it darker.

pcpics 408

pcpics 410

Here is one of those cheese domes I picked up at a thrift store.

pcpics 411 

pcpics 416



  1. Great pictures!!!! Its amazing how fast time goes by & and great save with the Easter Bunny story lol..Love it.Love the before & after pics very clever idea..Wishing you a great day

  2. Love the cheese dome I see them all the time at GW, now that I see yours I may have to pick one up too...great job on it!

    Kids grow up so fast...they sure turned out to be handsome kids:0