Friday, April 30, 2010

Flower shopping

pcpics 558

 After work today my co workers and I went to a greenhouse and bought some plants. We all had on our matching shirts from work and I told the girls we were on a field trip and we wore matching shirts in case we got separated from the group, mind you there are only 5 of us! Anywho, it was a nice day and we enjoyed checking out the plants. My house is yellow, which wouldn’t have been my pick but that’s the color it is so I always try and plant mostly purple and yellow flowers. Don’t ask why, I just like to do that. After looking at the first picture I realized Reese made it in the photo so of course I had to zoom in on him cause he’s so darn cute I knew you would want a better glimpse of him!!

Copy of pcpics 558

When I went to pay for my flowers they had this cute little planter with some (yes my color theme!) violets in it so I snatched it up.

pcpics 560

I was going to get my petunias planted yet tonight but I have to work on my decorations for church tomorrow. We are having a Spring Open House with table settings, quilts, window displays and I am doing a window display so I need to gather all my things for that. You will have to check back tomorrow evening for some pictures of our Open House!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mushrooms & Tick check


Has anybody been mushroom hunting yet? I love mushrooms but I do not like to hunt for them. Why? Because I don’t like ticks or snakes and I don’t want to meet up with either one! Speaking of ticks I have a warning for you:

WARNING! If someone comes to your front door saying they are checking for ticks due to the warm weather and asks you to take your clothes off and dance around with your arms up, DO NOT DO IT! THIS IS A SCAM! They only want to see you naked. I wish I'd gotten this yesterday. I feel so stupid!

Just thought I would give you a heads up! :-)


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Beautiful Day

pcpics 542

It was a beautiful day today. I took some pictures of my neighbor’s tulips.

pcpics 543

Don’t know what these are called but they are my neighbors also.

pcpics 544

My window box.

pcpics 545

pcpics 546

My tree has on his Spring face. His bangs are getting in his eyes though!

pcpics 547

Reese is squinting as the sun is just a little too bright for his little cute face!

pcpics 548

Don’t let anyone try and tell you that pigs don’t fly cause one landed on my back patio.

pcpics 549 

pcpics 552

pcpics 553

You probably can’t read my little sign in my wreath. It says Primitive blessings. Hope you enjoyed your day today!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Prom 2010

Well I was able to get some before pictures and it’s a good thing because I missed them arriving at the PROM. It was suppose to start at 5:45 and it started at 5:30. I was so upset! I’m hoping someone got a picture I can have.

pcpics 522

I took pictures of Doug and Megan at her Uncle Marty’s. He has a beautiful house and yard!

pcpics 524

pcpics 525 

pcpics 527 

pcpics 529

pcpics 530

Since I missed them arriving. I at least got a picture after they entered the school.

pcpics 535 

Now, don’t ask me about the theme. I guess they wanted it to be a little scary! The prom servers were made up like zombies.

pcpics 532

pcpics 533

Doug came home with this T shirt.

pcpics 539


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Prayers needed

Log House1

I have some sad news today. My dear friend Twila, (who has been teaching the quilting class I have been taking at the Log Cabin) just lost her husband. He passed away after suffering a heart attack and other complications. This was very sudden and quite a shock. I am asking to please include Twila and her family in your prayers during this very difficult time.

Thank you



Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sheep and Reese

pcpics 487

I’ve been kind of slacking off on posts lately. It is just a busy month. Prom is this Saturday and I had a lot going on this week. I hope it doesn’t rain for the kids Saturday.

This is a stitchery I made awhile back. I like sheep! My friend Paula and her husband made the frame for me. I haven’t done a stitchery for quite a while but this one has always been a favorite. Here’s another one of my favorites, Reese! He is patiently sitting on the porch while waiting for me to go back in the house. Can you believe he follows me around like a puppy dog? ;-)

pcpics 455


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Block 8 and cell phones

pcpics 514

Now I think I have to start sewing my blocks together(after I block them) in order to do the next step. Sure hope I can pull it off!!

I was listening to the news as I was finishing my block and they were talking about cell phones and texting. I heard them say something about a teenage girl doing like 4000 text messages in one day and she has texted so much that she now has carpal tunnel and has to have surgery. Can you believe that? First of all, I think it’s a pain having to carry a conversation by texting. It is so much easier to just call the person. I can see just sending little messages here and there but not full blown conversations 24 / 7.




Sunday, April 18, 2010

Quilt class & 10 Mile walk

Thursday night at quilt class we went over a lot of information. We got block number 8 cut out and pieces pinned on. She then showed us how we needed to block each square we did, and how to pin it together and how to stitch it together. Then if we needed to add any pieces, she told how to do that.

pcpics 507      I have the basket of flowers done and I’m working on the cornicopia right now and then I have to do the middle block after I put the bottom row on because I have to center my initials and the heart and then put the vines going up. We have to do all this on our own and then when we go back we will work on the top and bottom piece.  Now on the bottom piece, Maggie put the name of her county on there but you can put whatever you want. I don’t want to put my county on there but I haven’t decided on what I will put yet. Any suggestions? I had thought about a saying, but that would be too many letters so now I am just thinking I will put the name of the quilt on there which is Settler’s 061_thumb[5]

I am anxious to get it done. We have to get our own backing so I will have that to do also. I have a lot to do so before next class time so I better not put it off!!

Today was so nice, just perfect, a good thing too because our church went for a 10 mile walk to raise money for missions. NO, I didn’t walk the whole 10 miles. I walked 3 1/2. I haven’t talked with anyone yet to see how many made it the whole 10 miles. I was walking along side Jerry, he has quite the sense of humor. He told me not to pay any attention to the big black birds circling up above us! Then he proceeded to tell our minister that we should have ended our walk at the cemetery that way we could have had a picnic and then gone ahead and buried those of us that didn’t make it!! At least he had me laughing most the way!



Friday, April 16, 2010



Have you ever really thought about what inspires you? What speaks to you as soon as you see it. When you feel a connection to something? Why does this happen? Why are we so drawn to certain things. When I am out shopping or looking at p;ctures on other peoples sites there are some things that just immediately draw me in. For instance this photo above. I love the window, I love the watering can, the clay pots and the old metal box she has used as a planter. I especially love the clever way she has used wire to start her plants. Isn’t that just the neatest thing? I found it here

I love all kinds of textiles, old lace, picture found here


Burlap, materials, any kind of naturals such as nuts, gourds, flowers, bird nests…


Copy of IMG_0456

You can do so much with materials. Check out these flowers  I found. They would be fun to make.

2 010

Yellow ware …..


Threads, twines……

pcpics 505


pcpics 506

These are just a few of my favorite things…….


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Maggie block #7 done!

pcpics 486

 Finally got block number 7 done and none too soon as my next class is tomorrow night. Boy that month flew by! Next time I better not wait so long to finish my block.

I was looking back through some pictures and found this one again of flowers on my Aunt’s deck. Aren’t they pretty? Makes you anxious to start seeing all the flowers in bloom!


 The Stir fry veggies for supper are smelling pretty good! Getting hungry!



Monday, April 12, 2010

Just some pictures

pcpics 445

Today I came home from work and went outside for awhile and cleaned a few of my flower beds, then I got hot and tired so I came inside and decided to play with my camera. I have been seeing white tulips in a lot of pictures and I thought they were pretty.

pcpics 446

Took my Maggie runner off my fireplace in the living room and hung it on my cabinet for a change.

pcpics 448 

pcpics 453

pcpics 454

Just love my little brooms no matter where I put them.

pcpics 462 

And of course I love bird nests! The white door knob with the candle in it is from my great grandmothers old farmhouse.

pcpics 464

pcpics 466 Remember when I painted this cheese dome…..

pcpics 416

Here’s another one I painted a cream color……just for fun….

pcpics 467