Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wool Crazy


Has anyone seen this Wool Crazy Quilt By JoAnn Mullaly? It certainly is busy, that was my first thought but then I got to thinking I don’t know it might be kind of fun to make all those different pieces. Not that I am going to tackle it. I’ll put it in my “to do someday” file. The information for it was found here.



This is the book you can order.


I just love coming across new patterns!



  1. I quite like that quilt too - would be fun to make someday with all my little scraps of wool.
    Did you know there is a blog for those who are making it?

  2. Lovely! Looks fun, all those different pieces and colors. Doing something different. No ADD

  3. I'm so happy that you found my Quilt shoppe. The Wool Crazy Sew Along Blog can be found here:
    for any of your readers who might want to join in the fun. The bloog the first commenter left of to JoAnn Mullaly's blog. She is the designer but is not hosting an online Sew Along, in fact, she is a member of my sew along! =)
    Feel free to add a link to the book. It is sold out at the moment but it can be ordered here: (same page where your readers can see the rest of my images...there are four gorgeous blocks.)
    Hope to see you there! Brenda