Sunday, March 28, 2010

Shopping and Grace

Yesterday Rusty and I went to Council Bluffs. Figured it would be his last free Saturday for awhile. Just thought we would get away. We stopped at JC Penney’s. Haven’t been there forever but when I do make it there I always stop in the salon to visit my niece Kelli. I want to be sure I brighten up her day!! lol


After a few other stops, we went to Applebees for lunch. We like to eat there. Then we ended the day going to Sam’s Club. After arriving back home I knew Grace was going to be at Linda’s so of course I had to go see her. She is walking now. It is so fun to watch her. Just this little thing walking all over the place! It’s hard to remember when your own kids were that little!

pcpics 358

pcpics 359

pcpics 360

Now today I need to give my house some much needed attention. I’ve got STUFF piling up around me and I need to do something about it, it’s driving me crazy!


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  1. she is such a doll!! Looks like you had a great day Mindy!