Monday, March 1, 2010

Sam the Sheep dog & Ralph the coyote

Anybody remember this Cartoon?  I think about this picture when I clock in and out at work. The Cartoon was about Sam the sheep dog who protected the sheep and Ralph the coyote who always tried to steal the sheep. They were friends while not at work, but as soon as they clocked in it was all about doing their job, even if it meant fighting each other. Then when it was time to clock out they were once again friendly to each other and told each other to have a nice day and see ya tomorrow! It just strikes me funny because isn’t that kind of what it’s like at a place of work? Maybe there are people that are harder to get along with or test your patience but as soon as you clock in you are there to do your job and work with others to the best of your ability, then at quittin time, you clock out and say see ya tomorrow and you start all over again!

It’s too bad they don’t run these old cartoons now. They are so much better than the ones they have today. 

Have a nice day and see ya tomorrow!


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  1. Very cute! I don't remember that cartoon. That concept is so true. Sometimes you might look forward to a friend starting to work at your workplace, then... wow, the compitition kicks in and they become someone that you really didn't know. Hope you can enjoy your work and workplace Mindy. Have a great week!