Sunday, March 7, 2010

Carnival and cupcakes

pcpics 336 

Well we made it through the Music Carnival last night. I did my poster toss game and every time I had to bend over to pick up rings I kept thinking, I am so hot, I am so hot, I’m gonna burn up. I wish I could be one of those people that are always saying they are cold because then you just put on a sweater and every thing is fine. What are you suppose to do when you’re always hot? Strip down naked? I don’t think so!! Even if you could, I think I would still be hot!

I had to make some goodies for the cake walk and I found this idea here. I thought they were cute little puppy dogs so I decided to make them.

 pcpics 333

pcpics 334

Amanda Stockstell was Queen and Aaron Mincer was King. Jake was last year’s King so he was there to crown this year’s Queen.


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  1. cute cute! Love those puppy cakes! You did great!