Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bird Nests

You know a big part of true primitive decorating is using simple things, things that you have and especially decorating with natural elements. Don’t you just love bird nests? They are made of simple, natural elements and are so beautiful. They are really quite interesting when you think about how and why they are made. Because they are so beautiful and are a natural element they are very good to use to decorate with. You can use them anytime, anywhere.

Here are some of mine that I have around the house.

pcpics 172

pcpics 363

pcpics 366

pcpics 367

pcpics 368

pcpics 369

pcpics 370

Isn’t this nest looking basket pretty? Found it at Martha Stewart.


I found these cute bird nest picture frames that you can learn how to make here.




  1. love those bird nests - simple beauty! makes me want to go find some! :) Yours are so pretty!

  2. I like the moss and feathers with them. They remind us of spring, even when it doesn't feel like spring sometimes. New beginnings.