Friday, March 12, 2010



My favorite TV show when I was a kid was “Bewitched!” I just loved that show. I always thought it would be so neat to have magical powers like that.


If you get irritated at someone you could do a little something just to irritate them! Come on now, just admit it, you’ve wanted to be able to do that before! Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me!


A little spell never hurt anyone!

motions - 001SAM-magic24

Just use a toy telephone to make your calls on—no phone bills!



Who wouldn’t want to fly?


Or snap your fingers to travel? Now you have to admit that would be awesome! Think of the time and money you could save?

motions - 166sam-137

I could probably tell you where every nook and cranny is in this house. I wished they had a doll house replica of the Bewitched house, that would be so neat! Uh oh, the little kid in me is coming out again!!



If you can’t find me I might just be at 1164 Morning Glory Circle!


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  1. Hi Raymond & Mindy,

    I really enjoyed looking at your Bewitched photos and reading your comments. I also grew up watching Bewitched too.It was my favorite TV series from 1964 to 1972!As a teenager I also wished that I had powers like Samantha and Uncle Arthur. I even created home movies where I would make things disappear and then reappear just like magic! :) I also loved the house at 1164 Morning Glory Circle and I also wished that I could live in that exact house someday. Many years ago, in the 1970's, I watched a tv series where one episode used both the interior and exterior of the Bewitched house. The grandfather in that episode built a dollhouse for his granddaughter.... just like you described.It was an EXACT replica of the Bewitched house... but built as a child's dollhouse! Unfortunately, I am unable to recall the name of that old tv series. If you or anyone else reading this blog remembers seeing the episode that I just described, please e-mail me at have always wanted to see it again. Thank you, Mark