Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Spring Tweaking

Like the rest of you, I am very tired of the snow so I decided since I don’t have control over the weather, I do have control inside my house so I decided to bring out some Spring. Maybe this will hurry things along a bit! You can click on pictures to make bigger.

pcpics 216 

Now I got my mouse at Christmas time but I think he is so cute so I leave him out. I just change what he writes with his pencil.

pcpics 226 

Here is one of the Maggie runners I did on my fireplace.

pcpics 230

pcpics 231 

These crocks are on top of my TV.

pcpics 233 

pcpics 215

I moved my gourds that I had hanging above my fireplace in the kitchen, although I did love my gourds above the fireplace but just thought I would change it for awhile. Another Maggie runner I made is on this fireplace.

pcpics 217

pcpics 218

pcpics 219

Now in the picture below, there is a little bird nest by the light. Thought I better point that out to you case you didn’t recognize the touch of Spring!  :-)

pcpics 222



  1. your Hoosier is so pretty! What kind of paint did you use? I am trying so hard to find how to go about painting mine - it was originally gray but I don't like gray!

  2. It was just a latex paint that I had. The cabinet was white before I painted it.