Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bird on a branch pillow

I just finished up another one of my Maggie patterns. This is the picture in her book.

  pcpics 259

I’m happy with the way it turned out except after I got done stuffing it and sewed it up, it has a little pucker at the bottom but I figure it is mine and I can live with it. I have thought about putting a little patch over it as a lot of Maggie’s things are patchy, scrappy. That’s the beauty of primitive, it doesn’t have to be perfect!

pcpics 256

pcpics 255

 pcpics 257

This is what I put on the back.

pcpics 264



  1. I LOVE your pillow! I want to learn how to do something like that - I'm craftily challenged though! :( Are her patterns very difficult?

  2. Mindy, I have just found your blog. Amazingly, I've been working on several projects from Maggie's book also. I love wool and embroidery. I've done a lot of my own designs. Then a friend gave me Maggie's book. She is so talented and her designs are wonderful.You have done a great job on this pillow, and on the other works I've seen while browsing through your blog. I'll be back for a visit.