Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wreath, chair, boy and his dog

Nothing like 3 different subjects going on here!

Haven’t made anything for a couple of days! Just haven’t had the time. I’ve had a few things on my agenda that needed attention. I did find this neat Valentine wreath made out of cupcake liners. After I made the wreath out of book pages, I think I will pass on making this one, but I do think it is cute! To find out how to make it click here.

heading pic

I thought this picture from Better Homes and Gardens looks like “Winter” with the white theme going on. I like the ladder back chair. Isn’t it amazing how something so simple can make such a pretty statement?!


You all know my sweet dog (ok, not everybody thinks he’s sweet) Reese, well I found a picture of Rusty when he was little and he had a little weiner dog only his dog was a girl and her name was Sadie Mae. Aren’t they cute?! You can click on picture to make bigger.



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