Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sent home so I made a dove

Second day back to work and we are sent home early because of the snow. We served the kid's breakfast at 8:00 and then served them lunch at 10:00 so they could be dismissed at noon. It felt like the whole purpose of being there was to just feed the kids! I had to laugh, I was in the lunch room and I heard a couple of little boys talking and one of them said, “ We have eaten for 10 hours!” He said it like, all he’s done since he’s been there is eat food and he just couldn’t do it anymore!  I went over and asked him if he thought he was ready for a snack and he kind of grinned and smiled and said, “sure!”  Little kids say the funniest things! They keep me in stitches sometimes! When we had Thanksgiving dinner at school, I had one little guy come up to me and wanted to know who shot the turkey!  He was really wanting to know about that turkey because the next day he came up to me again and this time he brought his teacher along. He wasn’t going to be satisfied until he got some answers! It was a hoot! Anyway…..

I came home and decided to make something. Most people would probably go and bake something but not me, I decided to make a Valentine craft I had seen in a book.

First of all I copied some old journaling from my great great grandmother. Then I cut the bird’s body from a piece of file folder. You then glue the paper wings and tail on to the body and add a little heart for Valentine’s Day! super easy! It is a Maggie pattern from her newest book, Nature’s Offerings.

pcpics 011pcpics 013

pcpics 005 

pcpics 007 

We are once again not going to be having school tomorrow due to the weather. Let’s see……what can I dream up next to do?!



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  1. I really love the dove...what would I have to do to get you to make me one? if you say be nice...FORGET IT! too much labor and work!!!!!