Sunday, January 17, 2010

Quilt block 5

Ok, I have completed my 5th quilt block today. Yesterday we had our Maggie class and we went ahead and got our next 2 blocks ready to go because we didn’t know if the weather would cooperate this week for our regular scheduled class. Here is my finished block.

pcpics 054

I will show you block six as soon as I get it done.

It has been so foggy lately, first it’s snow everyday and now it’s fog. Will someone make the sun come out please! I suppose it will be foggy for my drive to work tomorrow. : –(

This picture was on the front of the Iowa Country Register. I thought it was really cute. It would be fun to make either a quilt or wall hanging like it. It is the Lang Company featured artist, Paula Joerling’s hand stitched vintage fabrics art. I especially like the saying!


Now I need to go sew a hole in Rusty’s work jacket. It will not be as fun as stitching on my quilt block, but you got to do what you got to do!!


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