Sunday, January 24, 2010

Organizing and Uh Oh!

Today as I was leaving church I discovered I locked my keys in my car! Woops! It has been a long time since I’ve done that. Rusty was home as he had a lot of things to do today so he had to come over and rescue me! What a sweet sweet man, I just love him to death! He was real nice about it too (that is after he got done yelling at me) No, he was good about it! Thanks honey! :-)

When I got home I decided after I bought some wool yesterday I needed to do some organizing and cleaning up. My craft table was just getting a little out of hand! So I started sorting through everything.

pcpics 078

I got my wools separated into colors or at least the same color families. I have some in one cupboard and….pcpics 079

some in my other cupboard!

pcpics 080

Now I pretty much have everything back together I hope!

pcpics 086

At least my craft table is looking a lot better. It was getting piled mighty high! I can only stand it for so long.

pcpics 087

Here’s what I put on top of my cupboard. I figured since it was full of wool I would drag out my sheep and my “wool” sign! I see I cut the “W” in the picture off but hey, it’s pretty high up there and I couldn’t see what I was doing!!

pcpics 083


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