Tuesday, January 19, 2010

On the Wings of a snow white dove

Can you tell what I have been doing in my spare time? That’s right, the dove’s have been multiplying around here. I have made some more antiqued ones and then I left some white. I plan on taking the white ones to work to hang. I made those out of newspaper. I would have liked to have made them out of sheet music but didn’t have any on hand.

pcpics 057 

pcpics 060

Now lets talk repurposing again.

All this Valentine talk brought back a childhood memory of my aunts............she said my Mom probably remembers doing this also.

My Grandpa used to wallpaper and paint for a living.............Instead of buying the expensive printed valentines, they used the big out of date wallpaper books to choose wallpaper they wanted to make a valentine from. They would cut them out into heart shapes and paste them onto paper doilies, then wrote their own little verse or saying on them. Trisha said she  loved doing that, but often wondered what the other kids thought of their homemade valentines. Well personally, I would have loved to receive them. Nothing’s better than homemade.

I found these next 3 pictures of some homemade valentines. The first one looks to be made out of wallpaper.


sweet valentine

This one below was made with ledger paper among other things. 

life valentine

This one looks like it has some sheet music and a doily.



Just use your imagination! They can be made out of anything!


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