Saturday, January 30, 2010

Boxes, candy and stickers

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Rusty and I had a day away today. We ran up to Council Bluffs. We weren’t after anything special, just wanted to mess around. I stopped into Walgreens and found this heart shaped Valentine box. I liked it cause of the denim on it so I bought it for a decoration. Is it my fault it has to have Russell Stover candy inside? I thought the boys could help me with that one so I get it home and open it and I’m thinking what a rip off! Look how few pieces of candy are in it. My gosh, I remember when I used to get boxes there were all those little brown wrappers that looked like little muffin cups and they were crammed in the box side by side, no spaces what so ever. It’s just like everything else now, you pay more and you get less!

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Anyway, getting back to my shopping spree, I went on down the Valentine isle and found these.

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Some Valentines and Valentine stickers. I swear, I saw these and thought yipee I want them so I can give some to my friends! Here I am in my forties and I get excited about Snoopy Valentines and want to get them to give to my friends, is there something wrong with me?! Well if there is I’m not fixing it cause I like being a little kid, it’s so much more fun than being a grown up!! So if I approach you with a little Snoopy Valentine, just humor me and act like you’re thrilled to death, you will make my day!


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