Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Band Carnival Revisited

My mom found this picture that was taken one year at the Band Carnival of me and Greg. This would be something neat and easy for them to do again, to make some kind of drawing to have people’s pictures taken. I don’t think they’ve done something like this for awhile anyway. That time will be coming up again soon.


Last night I Kept waking up with my right wrist hurting. It always does that when I do a lot of sewing. It keeps going numb on me but I’m still working away on my wool projects!

I just heard the weather man say it is going to be really cold Thursday and Friday. Has this been a winter or what?


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  1. Hi Mindy - I'm so glad to have discovered your blog - you are a really talented gal and I've enjoyed seeing all the projects you work on. I'm a rug hooker so I especially like your wooly items. I have Maggie's book With These Hands, but have yet to make anything out of it - can you imagine? Need to get busy! Your new old cupboard is totally awesome - wish I could find something like that for my own! I'll have to go back and look at the first issue of Mercantile Gatherings - now that I've 'met' you it will be fun to look at the pictures of your home again! I look forward to following your blog and see all that you do!