Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Winter Boredom

Here is my angelic little dog. He has been doing a lot of this lately cause there isn’t much else to do! I know some of you are laughing at the word “angelic” but you have to admit he looks pretty sweet and innocent laying there all covered up with his head on the pillow!

pics 190579

No sunshine, just gloomy snow everywhere you look. Here is the view from my couch. Not much happening out there in the world.

pics 190580

I did manage to throw together a snowman centerpiece for my dining room table and hang a different quilt up for a change. This is an old quilt that I got from my Grandma Armstrong.

pics 190585

pics 190586

I probably should be doing some deep cleaning projects but that just doesn’t sound like fun to me. I promise I’ll get to it later, well maybe, ok so maybe I shouldn’t make any promises right now! What are you doing by the way? Anything domestic?  :-)


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  1. Hi Mindy, found you on blogspot :) Love your pictures.. Its great seeing you here.