Saturday, December 5, 2009

New OLD cupboard!

Today our dear and wonderful friends Homer and Joan took Rusty and I over to Roca to Sweet Annie’s to pick up my cupboard! It is totally awesome and I LOVE it!! It is my new favorite piece! Thank you so much Homer and Joan for taking us over! Now, some of you might ask, “ Why would you want an old cupboard instead of going and getting something brand new?” Well, I was looking through a book, Mary Emmerlings’s Smart Decorating, and I found a paragraph that explains it pretty good.

To me, the primitive things far surpass anything brand-new. Wooden tables, cupboards, bowls, etc. that have been worn by regular use or bruised by a child’s enthusiastic play show the imprint of time and the human hand on their surface in a way that a perfect finish cannot equal.


I don’t know why I am so drawn to the things of old but I just feel a comforting connection to them and to me nothing is more calming and peaceful than to be surrounded by wonderful pieces of the past! I am just a raggedy anne in a barbie doll world!

You can click on the pictures to make larger.

pics 190445

pics 190446

pics 190447

Here Phil Cochran, the owner of Sweet Annies, and a super nice guy I might add, is helping Rusty load it into the pickup. His wife Linda wasn’t there today when we were there. She is super nice also!

pics 190448

Of course I immediately had to decorate it up!  I put some of my Christmas dishes in it.

pics 190454

pics 190453

pics 190456

pics 190457

Here is a Santa that mom and dad had when my brother and I were little.

pics 190459

Lovin my cabinet!!!


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